Mobile Campaign
Facebook - Learn with Facebook

Facebook came with a challenge… they had an amazing online learning resource, but they needed a way to attract eyeballs to the content. The answer? An animated trailer for each lesson! My team wrote, designed and animated thirteen, yes 1-3, unique motion graphics pieces for the free online training course, ‘Learn With Facebook’. Covering a range of scintillating topics, our animations featured stylish characters, juicy transitions and a healthy dose of eye-catching visual candy for good measure. The work was crucial in upping the site’s view count, helping Facebook get closer to their goal of training millions of people around the world in online literacy by 2020.

Being given only a basic script for text, the team took each of the animations from concept through to final delivery, including styleframes, pencils and full storyboards. This was crucial to ensure that the ideas for each lesson were on track before committing to final design.

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