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For its launch, Fanta realised that it wasn’t getting the attention they wanted from their target demo-teens! They needed to build street cred with them. With the insight that teens love to co-create like crazy with brands, people and platforms they love, Fanta approached my team to help promote their commitment to co-create with teens. First, they partnered with Disrupt Sports, to inspire teens to design their own sports gear. They wanted fun. Engaging. Cool. Visually stunning. I crafted a colourful, personality driven visual treatment, always on brand, that would appeal to a younger audience. The 3D animations were quirky and had real fizz (pun intended), plus Fanta even wanted to get my board designs made for real!

The ads drove thousands of teens to the Fanta site to create their own unique blend of designs for skateboards and surfboards. They loved playing with the infinite combinations of designs and generating their own unique look. Overall, the campaign was a success and my creations helped contribute to 2.5 million engagements of the campaign and the highest sales boost Fanta had seen in years!

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