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This is Syngenta Columbus – a neural network system that pulls in key farming data that will allow growers to make informed decisions. The brief was actually pretty open. Syngenta wanted an explainer video that was easy to understand and had graphical heritage from EzyCapture. With that in mind, I pushed for a style that is more refined and for colours that were more contained. The combination of the above gave the video a more mature tone. Enough of my ramble, click on to see it yourself.


In partnership with Syngenta, a charming animated video to debut the EZ Capture App. The idea is simple really, one App that tracks and monitors farm fields while eliminating manual data entry. As the App poses many features it was important to design and develop a succinct piece of content that better explains the pros of adopting this amazing app. Featuring colourful 2D graphics and a splash of 3D, this animated video wasn’t just entertaining to watch it turned out to be the perfect sales tool for reps on the field!

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