Koalas are funny little creatures, but the Koala Crisis in South-East Queensland and NSW is no joke. They’re losing habitats and becoming endangered fast. It’s time to act. So, working with WWF Australia, KIMBY campaign (Koalas In My Backyard) was born.

The aim is clear: to strengthen laws that stop excessive tree clearing. I crafted and designed a persuasive 45 second animation that was shared and promoted on social media. This drove users to the main campaign website where they were greeted by more of our gorgeous animated assets.

Supporters were invited to fill out a petition that was embedded in a digital origami koala, one of the most important elements of our campaign, and sent to key Queensland politicians to let them know they wanted to see ‘Koalas In My Backyard’. With over 60,000 Kimby’s sent to local MP’s and over 600,000 unique views of the main campaign video, the campaign was a real success. So much so that very recently, legislation has been changed to protect their habitat. Exactly the result we’d all hoped for.

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You are what you eat. That was the phrase that made me question the viability of foods we consume today. Do we really know what we eat? Do we know what sort of chemicals are sprayed over our vege and fruits? During the research of this campaign – the findings were overwhelming scary and terrifying. While avoiding an obvious scare campaign – the approach of breaking down the consumers’ defences with humour and startlIng imageries were employed as seen below. The campaign was dispersed Through the Line and the results overwhelmingly positive. Consumers were engaged in constructive conversations that led to actions. Aussie Farmers Direct which sources their fruits and veges through local farmers found a massive uptick to consumer orders and brand empathy found a leg up over their competitors. Changing consumer behaviours for the betterment of health? Count me in any day.














Diligent came with an exciting challenge – to tell their brand story in a fun and engaging way, and in less than 90 seconds. What better approach than animation! Starting the process by writing a solid script, covering all the key points needed to explain the board portal offering. Then, I injected lightheartedness, through eye-catching visuals and some memorable animation moments. When this animated video hit a home run, I got busy rolling out a suite of assets that were used across a whole range of collateral. All based on the same consistent brand look and feel, my designs were used on the website, banners, eDM and even mail outs.