Case Studies






There is nothing more refreshing than working on a Case Study where the product is inherently cool and exciting. Take the Ford Mustang for example – blitzing away across the track this case study pretty much writes itself. In partnership with Facebook and Instagram, Ford produced a mobile customiser that prompt users to design and curate their Mustangs. Everything from the rims of the tyres to the note of the iconic roar of the exhaust were available to tweak. Meticulously crafted to the beat of the music and bespoke designs – what you have is a heart pounding case study video.








If you love food, if you rely on leftovers to get through the week, if you think that wasting food is bad, then this campaign is for you! Introducing OzHarvest’s #LeftoverMakeover, an initiative that inspires people to transform their leftovers into creative meals, all in the name of preventing food waste.

Working with Facebook Creative Shop, the campaign was brought to life with a series of videos for Instagram Stories, each featuring a well-known chef turning their leftovers into a mouth-watering dish. The campaign kicked off on Instagram stories, with OzHarvest CEO Ronni Kahn throwing down the gauntlet to celebrity chefs, challenging them to get creative with their leftovers. From tagliatelle to toasties, each chef weaved their magic before throwing the gauntlet down to their friends to also get involved, sparking a chain reaction of #LeftoverMakeovers.








You know the phrase ‘The Best Things in Life Are Free’? Well, this one is ‘The Best Things in Life Aren’t Necessarily Good For Your Cholesterol’. KFC did the unthinkable – they merged waffles with fried chicken. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Waffles with maple syrup and fried chicken. Yea.

This case study is a story of the partnership between Spotify and KFC. Leveraging onto Spotify’s army of music enthusiasts, bespoke playlists were curated and seeded to them. The creative hook of Doing What’s Unconventional resonated well with fans of these playlists and that drove them to explore outside their comfort zone. Sales went up, happy client, happy customers all around. Me? I love the campaign but I don’t think I can stomach this indulgence. You better not call me Chicken…